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7 unique use cases of Audio video data mining

When it comes to video and audio data mining, it is relevant to uncover the real meaning of data mining. First, we should mention that the term is associated with machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

Data mining is a process that interacts with a massive set of data. In this perspective, it unravels interesting patterns from unknown data structured. The same may apply to audio/video data mining as well. Today, users can access a large volume of multimedia data generated from the use of information technology and easy availability of multimedia systems. Hence, the amount of audio video data available today is growing exponentially. Video falls under the multimedia category that contains a variety of data comprising text, image, visual, audio and meta-data.

Today, audio video mining holds a major place in different applications across security and surveillance, medicine discovery, education, entertainment, and sports. The key objective of video data mining is to extract data from video sources and discover and define patterns and dynamics. Here, we will discuss different use cases of audio and video data mining in businesses. Let’s find them.

  1. Traffic control management

Be it traffic control or traffic violation monitoring, video data mining or analytics can be used to reach a better decision making regarding the traffic management.

Live feed is extracted from the cameras installed upon the traffic posts. This live input is added to the database system to process it. As per the available data extracted from the video, the traffic control system will control the devices attached to the systems. If it detects anything suspicious on the road, such as the speeding driver or miscreant activity, the system alerts the system administrator via the analytics dashboard. Other progress reports on the road also monitored and dispatched via a separate database.

2. Vehicles monitoring procedures

The video processing via video data mining can be leveraged to control various public vehicles or transport at different busy locales. AI-based video processing is one of the useful tools to monitor vehicles.

Vehicle traffic department can use a video- based vehicle monitoring system. This is used to monitor the traffic flow on highways as to determine the exact speed and travel time of transports and accurate toll values. The CCTV cameras provide images of the moving transports, which are analyzed with a video image processor. The vehicles detected by the image sequencing tool are regarded as external communication output.

The same technology is used for incidence detection. It offers a better use case for video-based transport monitoring. So, images captured from the CCTV cameras can be processed to detect vehicle breakdowns, road accidents, and bad road conditions.

Another example of use case of video-based data mining is to monitor the activity of pedestrians and even lightweight vehicles such as cycles and motorcycles. In this case, the video stream can be applied to determine the exact variable of pedestrian movements.

3. Enhanced Security with Live Video Streaming

Enhancing security and safety of people is a primary objective of surveillance. The main objective is to track behavior, activities and other data to ensure safety. A video processing system embedded with surveillance is important for monitoring and also security.

Provided an access control, it works in line with video processing surveillance and provides useful information about a person entering the premises through a live video stream feed. Using AI-based facial recognition technology, it assigns unique identifiers to persons so as to enable them to enter any areas of the premises with an authorization level access.

Intrusion detection is another useful use case of this tool. The live video image processor is programmed to detect centroid of the intended object. If it identifies such, it is suspicious in nature.

4.Health Status Monitoring

Surveillances embedded with CCTV video streams can help detect health status of patients in hospitals as well. A camera that captures video streams of an infant is ideal for detecting the infant’s respiratory troubles using an Eulerian video magnification and optical flow algorithms. The extracted information from the camera can be used later to offer better treatment options for the ailments.

In the business front, audio/video data mining provides large scopes of use cases. They are as follows as below;

5. Customer Demographic Data on Hand

In order to extract data for discovery of customer demographic information, speech recognition technology is widely used. The technology leverages extensive data-mining process on your audio/video resources and identifies different range of information about a customer. It involves gender, age, emotion and sentiment, language and many more. Leveraging this kind of robust customer information helps launch highly infused user-specific marketing campaigns. As a result, your business can improve customer support, user experience and enhance productivity.

6. Automated Transcription Of Audio/Video Data

Small businesses can benefit from audio/video data mining that helps transcribe different unstructured data extracted from video and audio. This results in conversion of accurate texts from audio/video sources, enabling business to find important information relevant to increase productivity and efficiency. At the same time, the whole process helps you automate a number of activities such as complaint analysis, demographic analysis, and legal compliance and more.

7. Understanding Customer opinion accurately

Your customer opinion matters most as they determine success or failure for your business. Using AI-based data mining process that involves speech recognition can help you interpret an exact and accurate meaning of what your customers feel about your product and service. In most cases, it performs extensive data mining on the recorded calls. This gives you more scopes to establish a better strategy for customer support and unique customer experience.


Remember, AI-based technologies and data mining techniques are not mere a buzzword. They are readily disrupting every industry with its powerful capabilities that help businesses take data-driven decisions. This is unique in terms of mitigating business risks and leveraging more scopes to improve business efficiency and productivity. SynergyLab, an expert AI consultant is a pioneer that leverages the right AI tools and skills to yield the right business results. For further information on AI and machine learning services, you can feel free to get in touch with us.

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