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Best BNPL Startups of 2022

Many people prefer to purchase goods online for almost everything from groceries to clothing in the contemporary world. Compared to cash, it promotes online payments and becomes a reason for growth for the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) part of customer lending. It directs to short-term micro-credit options that allow consumers to shop online and pay within a few days or weeks with minor to no interest. Anyone can use this payment alternative on food delivery, travel booking, grocery, and some other platforms.

Buy now, pay later services have been available in India for several years but have grabbed attention only in recent quarters as e-commerce and digital payments expand their reach. Klarna is one of the best BPNL startups of 2022 and has more than 100,000 users. It has become the second most valuable privately-owned FinTech in the world. The BNPL model has become more advanced due to technological innovation possible by the relatively recent maturity of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Apart from the top BPNL companies in India, traditional banks have also presented many offers to attract more customers. Following are the top BNPL companies in India.


ePayLater is one of the top BPNL companies in India that was founded in 2015 and offered checkouts on online platforms without any problems. Customers can get an interest-free credit for two weeks. The startup is now looking to disburse the B2B and small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) lending segment.

2. Simpl:

Simpl is also one of the big BNPL players in India, founded in 2015, and has appeared as a significant challenger in the BNPL. It brings the comfort of online shopping. Its partners are famous online brands and offer their customers the ability to make purchases with one tap and pay later. People consider Simpl’s solution a critical factor in accelerating the adoption of digital payments in e-commerce that significantly enhances the consumer experience.


It also includes in top BNPL companies in India. People who use it can shop online with one tap and pay later within 15 days, or they can also convert them into equated monthly installments (EMIs). This startup also gives loan options. LazyPay is functional on many websites in India. This startup presents paperless credit disbursal with minimal documentation.

4. Amazon Pay Later

It is also a top BNPL company in India that is a unique and convenient option for making payments that enables its customers to extend their access to credit. Amazon will offer an instant credit line to customers to purchase goods and pay their monthly utility bills. Buyers will get access to instant credit that they can use to buy any product. Amazon Pay Later service offers the option to repay in the following month without any additional fees or in easy EMIs up to 12 months at nominal interest rates. Further, such startups also utilize artificial intelligence to get access to customers.


ZestMoney is one of the top BNPL companies in India that was founded in 2016 delivers fast. It is reliable and affordable EMI services across the country. Its users can shop online and pay back later with easy installments. The startup’s platform utilizes mobile technology, digital banking, and artificial intelligence (AI) to access people. The financial institution or payment industry that uses artificial intelligence can process real-time transactions. India has a massive population with low income and poor or non-existent credit histories. It makes it problematic for them to qualify for credit by traditional channels. ZestMoney enables more people to get credit. Then, they can participate in the consumer economy. In return, it grows the digital footprint.

6. Flipkart Pay Later

Flipkart Pay Later offers credit solutions to customers and claims to provide bank-grade security without an OTP for most transactions. It has the option to make partial repayment of bills. Its users can pay a minimum due amount, which a convenience fee retains at first. Many Indians do not have access to credit cards. Hence, customers do not get access to short-term credit to make purchases. So, Flipkart Pay Later is helpful for those consumers to buy essentials.

7. Paytm Postpaid

In 2019, payments giant Paytm was also included in the BNPL segment with its Postpaid services. Bills are paid on the 1st of every month and can pay till the 7th. It indicates a relatively longer-term credit offering than other BNPL players in India. However, unlike other BNPL players, Paytm charges a convenience fee of zero to 3% of net monthly spending.

8. Flexmoney

Flexmoney is a BNPL player in India, and it is a full-lifecycle digital credit network for lenders and merchants to offer frictionless. It also secures checkout finance and offers flexible payment options like LazyPay, where consumers can select between full payment and EMIs. However, this setup does not give financing from its pocket. It simply helps lenders reach a wider audience and tap into the BNPL market by connecting them with online merchants.

9. OlaMoney Postpaid

OlaMoney Postpaid is one of the easiest ways to pay for your different online services. OlaMoney Postpaid ensures payments without you worrying about wallet recharge. Users can use this service for up to 15/30 days, depending on your billing cycle. It also delivers standard features such as interest-free credit with 15-days repayment.

10. Capital Float

It is a well-known BNPL player in India that gives digital credit to individuals for their personal and business loans to small and medium enterprises at interest rates. Capital Float functions as a FinTech lender company.

BNPL startups rise due to their various benefits. For instance, it saves time because customers can spend money to purchase what they want despite waiting for the next salary. Furthermore, people do not have to worry about paying heavy interest rates or other costly repayments.

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