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Find Four Business Use Cases To Know Why AI Technology Is So Attractive

We have now got beyond the phase of AI development. It is now time for building strategies to implement this unique and smart tool to achieve unprecedented accomplishments. Although this advanced technology is everywhere, we are more than unwilling to leverage its capabilities. Let’s delve deep to find out some dynamic and robust caliber of AI that can change your perspective. Here are 4 unique use cases of specialized fields of AI that are unique and novel in its approach.

Crowd-Sourced Market Research

Crowdsourcing, the idea behind this novel approach is to incentivize crowds to offer their insights or generate ideas about some matters and facilitate better solutions to a problem. Even though some setbacks were there at the initial stage, crowdsourcing is accepted as the most preferred method for market research. Thanks to the convergence with AI. Today, it is estimated to be valued at $6.5 billion.

All this is to ideate new phenomena for bringing machine and human intelligence together that could offer intelligence analysis of crowdsourced discourse referring to “who says what and why?”. So, the aggregate knowledge of communities and insights from discourse analysis may foster knowledge development with the help of advanced machine learning capabilities. Also, the crowd-based source enables the development of improved knowledge platforms with real-time graphical representations, patterns, and insights that improves prediction capabilities. The primary objective of the AI-based crowdsourced market research is to converge with machines and swarm intelligence to derive essential insights for optimized solutions.


  1. When machine learning and human judgment combine, AI tools derive human inputs by monitoring its behavior and correcting their actions. This capability helps better decision making during critical events. One example is the Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Response (AIDR). This uses insights from crowdsourcing and offers real-time disaster prevention methods to address the situations.

  2. AI with crowdsourcing capabilities can identify patterns and metrics of images or videos with human inputs. This results in the accurate processing of data and offers better knowledge development.

  3. It is capable of offering crowd knowledge through graphs or textual based arguments and raising questions on issues. This is a phenomenon that visualizes data with artificial intelligence.

  4. A human-machine interface target to improve understanding patterns of geopolitical events and suggests forecasting to improve the event.

  5. It accelerates data collection and faster development of models.

  6. It enables faster onboarding of contributors and optimization of complex labels such as sentiment analysis, audio/video transcription and image translation

  7. It helps derive quality data at scale and improves quality result development.

Customer service & marketing virtual digital assistants

As the name suggests, virtual digital assistants can comprise anything from intelligent virtual agents to virtual customer representation and chatbot. As is with the chatbot, we already seem to have certain knowledge about this tool. It is programmed with AI to aid in customer service when humans are away so as to keep the services flowing and offer better customer experience when they visit your website.

Well, customer service & marketing virtual digital assistants are a tool integrated with Artificial intelligence capabilities and pre-built human inputs to offer automated service and information to humans.

When it comes to providing answers to regular customer queries, handling customer grievances, or fulfilling customer requests, this virtual digital assistant is used widely.

From the customer perspective, a virtual digital assistant is important to contribute to the personalized services to customers. Since consumers are twice as less likely to contact customer service, they want self-service. And virtual digital assistants fulfill that demand. When you implement AI-driven virtual digital assistants, they give more control and convenience to customers to resolve their queries.


  1. It improves cost-reductions

  2. It encourages human-resource savings

  3. improves response time that offers scalable and consistent answers to customer inquiries or employee requests to fit their needs

  4. improves customer satisfaction by offering instant and immediate automated customer service

  5. offers personalized and varied customer service for customers across widespread channels like web, social media, and messaging bots

  6. Offers in-depth insights into customer behavior that helps improve product and service depending on the conversations taken place

  7. Helps enhance sales growth while decreasing shopping cart abandonment with constant personalized recommendations

  8. Better compliance with security standards as it is programmed to offer a set of service or actions

Digital Experience Marketing

Marketing professionals are aware of the AI capabilities that help in improved decision-making, better customer engagement, and growth of revenues. Despite these high-performance capabilities, only 18% of marketers implement this technology. McKinsey & Company reports a wide performance gap is likely to be visible between AI adopters and non-adopters in marketing activities.

While AI adopters are projected to double cash flow, the non-adopters are twice as much likely to suffer financial debacle up to 20% by 2030.

So, if you are not determined to implement AI into your marketing strategy, it is time to rethink based on its useful use cases we are highlighting here.


  1. AI improves better optimization of advertising resources by discovering if the advertising strategies are worthwhile. AI technology helps marketers use accurate attributes to specific advertising prospects and foster sales.

  2. It is not possible for every customer service team to devote an exact amount of attention to its customers. With AI-based solutions, marketers can use customer historical data to predict their preferences and get better insights into developing competitive services and products. The step towards mitigating customer churn as a means of customer retention works as you could identify risks ahead of time.

  3. AI looks into buying and browsing behaviors of customers and understands customers’ perception of a brand. Overall, this improves the customer experience while improving product recommendations to lead to increased sales.

  4. Brands can also leverage AI-enabled facial lenses and neat filters that enable image recognition. They can use this feature to connect with audiences on a personal level and improve brand exposure.

  5. It enables sentiment analysis to find what people are talking about your brand on various social media platforms. It is a useful way to enhance observation and find causes of customer dissatisfaction.

  6. The visual search tool is another phenomenon of AI that augments the trend of image-based search. It makes shopping convenient for users.

eCommerce and Sales Virtue Digital Assistants

Be it a chatbot, intelligent speakers, digital virtual assistants make it all for your eCommerce sales growth.

We know that virtual digital assistants are an interactive or conversational tool programmed with machine learning of NLP features to establish communication with users and solve a specific query of customers.

Voice commands are a new dimension to augment eCommerce search. As a result, we are seeing the growth of voice commerce. And the best thing, it drives sales for you.


  1. It provides recommendations to suit the current inventory and influence the most static customers with personalized recommendations and lead a purchase. Clothing brands are most likely to leverage the capability of eCommerce virtual digital assistant and reduce eCommerce fulfillment issues.

  2. Your eCommerce virtual assistant never sleeps. They are awake all-time through to guide your customers and solve questions at any point of the day.

  3. It entices online shoppers with an instant popup of deals and coupons to influence impulse buying and leads sales.


AI is multidimensional and every business service can benefit from its wide range of service offerings. From marketing applications to customer service, AI offers next-generation applications for businesses. We at SynergyLabs watch closely the unique demand of clients and offer scopes to lead. For AI-related assistance and service, you can get in touch with us.  

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