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Synergylabs' AI-Powered Video Analytics Improves Operations at AN Ecommerce


An Ecommerce is a rapidly growing online retailer, known for its wide range of products and fast delivery times. However, as the company expanded, it began to face challenges in efficiently managing its warehouse operations. The manual processes for receiving goods, picking, packing, and dispatching orders were time-consuming and prone to errors. Staff productivity was difficult to measure, and returns management was a significant pain point.

To address these challenges, AN Ecommerce turned to Synergylabs, a company that specializes in video analytics AI solutions for ecommerce and logistics. Synergylabs proposed a solution that leveraged AI-powered video analytics to optimize warehouse operations and improve efficiency.


Synergylabs connected AN Ecommerce's warehouse cameras to its AI-powered video analytics platform via ONVIF protocol and vendor SDKs. The platform was configured to track and analyze various metrics such as package movement, staff productivity, and task completion times.

The AI algorithms were trained to recognize different types of packages, as well as the actions of warehouse staff, such as picking, packing, and dispatching orders. The platform provided real-time data and insights on warehouse operations, including bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement.


Since implementing Synergylabs' video analytics AI solution, AN Ecommerce has seen a significant improvement in warehouse operations. The real-time data and insights provided by the platform have enabled the company to optimize its processes and streamline operations.

Receiving goods: With the AI-powered video analytics, AN Ecommerce was able to track the movement of goods and ensure they were received, sorted, and stored efficiently. The platform also helped identify any discrepancies in the received goods, reducing errors and improving accuracy.

Picking, packing and dispatch: The video analytics platform provided real-time data on staff productivity, task completion times, and the number of orders dispatched. This helped the company to identify and address any bottlenecks and inefficiencies, resulting in faster turnaround times for orders.

Returns management: The AI-powered video analytics provided valuable insights into the returns process, helping the company to identify the root causes of returns and implement measures to reduce them.

Staff productivity: With the video analytics, AN Ecommerce was able to measure staff productivity, identify high-performing employees, and provide training and support to those who needed it. This helped to improve overall efficiency and performance.


Synergylabs' AI-powered video analytics solution proved to be a valuable tool for AN Ecommerce in optimizing its warehouse operations. The real-time data and insights provided by the platform helped the company to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and reduce errors. As a result, AN Ecommerce was able to improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

Synergylabs' video analytics solution not only helped in warehouse operations but also in overall logistics management by monitoring and analyzing the goods movement, staff productivity, and task completion times.

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